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Acupuncture is indicated to maintain a healthy flow of Energy/Vital Force (Qi, ‘’Chi’’ in TCM) in the Body. It can be a ‘’game-changer’’ in preventing illnesses from creeping up. Illnesses or injuries tend to appear when the flow of Qi is disrupted. This can happen due to acute or chronic stress (emotional, physical), suboptimal nutrition and hydration, genetics, a change in the environment, etc.

If your animal has developed a health condition, chances are acupuncture can help! It has helped Humanity for thousands of years and is often recognized as being a Science as well as an Art. A Science because we are understanding acupuncture more and more with evidence-based research and its effects on all systems of the body (the "pain" system, immune system, digestive system, nervous system, endocrine and metabolic systems, etc.) . An Art because there is no one size fits all approach in TCM; every patient is unique, therefore treatment plans are tailored individually.  

In a nutshell , very small needles are inserted into specific locations (acupoints) to support the body in healing itself. The needles help dictate how the Body will shift Qi around to restore a state of balance.
Every animal patient is different when receiving acupuncture, but most will learn to accept this form of treatment. Because restoring balance requires some amount energy, it is frequent for a patient to feel tired after a treatment. This fatigue should subside in 24-48hours. 

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