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Dr Caroline Jetté

I'm the holistic vet here at New Wave Vet.
I'm absolutely loving this very unique holistic journey so far.
My ultimate goal is to empower people in taking care of their beloved furry companions, in a meaningly and sustainable way. Meeting amazing animals and their caretakers in their homes is always a privilege. I am also proud to be seeing patients in a set location in my local Westerville community. 

My Story

I have always loved animals and have known from a very young age I wanted to spend my life helping them. This passion never really left me. Growing up, my dearest confidant, Maya, was a gentle French Spaniel. Maya lived to be 16 years old and taught me the true meaning of having a 4-legged companion. Not just a friend, but a forever bond. I love animals, seeking their presence and enjoying their powerful effect.

After 5 years of hard work at the Montréal Veterinary Medicine University (Canada), my dream of practicing came true. Throughout my studies, I pursued international internships and practiced with domestic animals, exotic birds, and marine mammals. All of which were unique and wonderful experiences. Today, I practice with small animals (cats and dogs) and have developed a special interest in integrative medicine.


I completed a course in acupuncture at the Chi University of Florida a couple years ago. Since then, my view on Animal Health has shifted and I consider, like many other holistic practioners, the body as One Whole, one ecosystem. Diet and lifestyle are at the center of Health in my opinion. 

I can also attest that the best outcome with patients typically comes from a merge of Western and Eastern medicine. Why not combine thousands of years of healing with relatively recent science/ research?

I offer acupuncture treatments my animal patients with the intention to promote healing, calm painful conditions, address chronic issues, and create soothing effects. The results thus far have been pretty amazing (and continue to impress me!). Acupuncture is a wonderful tool in my toolkit, as it enhances the body’s ability to heal itself, from musculoskeletal issues to chronic allergies or seizures and anxiety, to name a few conditions it can do wonders for.


I'm a member of the College of Integrative Therapies which is an amazing resource for holistic veterinarians, but also for pet parents! Holistic veterinary medicine keeps me learning every day to best serve my patients. I also love sharing and communicating with clients, while building trusting and lasting relationships.

When I am not helping patients, I am normally outdoors with my partner, Alex, my Border Collie, Fanny, and my Labradoodle, Agnes. Outdoors is where my spirit likes to be, whether it is here or traveling, training for a triathlon, or simply hiking, enjoying water sports, or gardening.

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